2016-01-10 22:39:43 by TheInsanyx

Hi guys!

What's going on here? Anyway, just a quick post to tell you guys that I am not playing Geometry Dash very often.

BUT I am playing other games like Clash of Clans and Club Penguin, even though I'm a little old for Club Penguin, they are still very fun games! Geometry Dash is like... boring now. I'm too lazy to make 1 minute long levels, and the only thing that satisfies me now is taking a look at the Featured levels and how hard these guys work to make a dumb level... anyways, I guess this wasn't a quick post but...

See ya!


2015-11-27 22:11:22 by TheInsanyx

Hey everyone!

I've been inactive on Newgrounds for a while now... mainly because I don't have time to do a lot around here.

I've got examinations at school, and I gotta study!


But I'm still playing Geometry Dash!

I am currently making a level which is a triquel of Theory of Everything, using the song Theory of Everything Remake by Domyeah. I bet you already know what it is.


That's all for now,



2015-11-15 01:15:14 by TheInsanyx

Another post... oh, well.

~ix~ Fun Rock Journey is now available on Geometry Dash! 


I also got a new YouTube Channel!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUCfPAVAP2R4xNF_h3gEHQ


Thanks anyway!


2015-11-06 09:44:02 by TheInsanyx


Well, you may already know it, but I just uploaded my first song!

I made it on my phone and uploaded it recently. Check it out below, it's named "~ix~ Fun Rock Journey"!

(P.S. Thank you Delcherro for scouting my music!)

Anyway, thanks for the support!

Hey, everyone!

2015-10-17 01:48:39 by TheInsanyx

It's me, TheInsanyx! You may know me on Geometry Dash as TheInsanyx. I love Newgrounds music, so I thought, why not I make my own account? Anyway, thanks and be sure to check out my levels on Geometry Dash!